Update! This Car seat has been replaced by the City Go 2, you can find our review here.

The City Go from Baby Jogger is a good option if you are looking to add a car seat to your Baby Jogger stroller to make it a travel system.

The City Go features an adjustable structured head rest that will raise and lower to accommodate your child's growth. Using latch belts, it's easy to install but does not have more modern safety features such as a load let or an anti-rebound bar that you can find in other premium brands like Nuna, Cybex and Britax.

I do like the adjustable structured headrest, I find that to be a good safety feature that modern car seats are starting to come with and would be hard press to not buy a seat without one.

The seat is also light and easy to carry and has removable infant inserts as do most car seats in this price point.

With appropriate adapters, you can connect the city go to just about every baby jogger stroller.