Clek Oobr
  • Type: High-back Booster
  • Price $199-$319.00
  • Weight: 40-100lbs
  • Up to 57 inches tall

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The Clek Oobr is a high quality high back booster that can also become a backless booster seat that can accomodate a child weighing between 40 and 100 pounds.  Clek is known for for making high-end, highly safe infant car seat, boosters, and convertible car seats and the Oobr is no exception.

The Oobar is a safe, simple solution for providing your child a place to sit once they've out grown their convertible seat.  But what makes it so safe anyway?  Well, the first thing I like about the Oobr is how easy it is to install. With its rigid Latch system it just clicks right in. Great that's helpful, what does that mean?  Basically it's Latch buckles that protrude out of the back of the base of the seat to allow it to be "Latched" in.  This is good for when your child isn't sitting in the car and will keep the seat from moving or becoming a projectile if you stomp on the breaks, the Oobr won’t go flying across the car.

The Oobr also sports a large, adjustable, structured headrest that uses steel rods to connect it to the magnesium frame. Using Magnesium is a smart move as it’s very strong metal, yet light which helps weight down as well as helping to keep the seat back from twisting in the event of an accident.


The look of the Oobr is very modern as are the materials used like magnesium and the Crypton fabric, yes you read it right, that line the seat.  The material is soft and stain resistant and is supposed to help protect against moisture and odors.  The jury is out on that but it does seem pretty durable so far.

It's also free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.  What? Basically that means there are no added chemicals to make it fire retardant, so it's safer for you and your child.

The Oobr comes with a cup holder that can be attached on either side of the seat depending on where in the car you install it and is comically called the "Drink-Thingy", hand to God, that's what they actually call it.  This is how you make something extremely safe and not take yourself too serious in the process. That takes confidence.

The seat cushion are firm yet still have enough give to be comfortable and can be removed and be hand washed should something spill and patted dry. Everything so far on ours has just wiped off and didn't require removal.  The children find it comfortable and fight to take the Oobr over the Britax boosters we have.