Cybex Aton Q
  • Type: Infant Car Seat
  • Price: $349.99
  • Weight: New Born to 35 lbs

The Cybex Aton Q is one of Cybex's platinum infant car seats. As with all car seats, it will accommodate a child up to 35 lbs and they say up to 18 months. Well we've never had a kid last 18 months in a car seat, ever.  It features a nicely cushioned shell with an adjustable head rest (8 positions) and what Cybex calls their Telescopic L.S.P. or Linear Side impact protection system.  These are basically metal rods that pop out of the side of the car seat to help absorb the energy from a side impact accident and minimize side impact forces on the car seat.  Thankfully, we never got to see this in action but we were glad it was there. Unfortunately all this extra safety stuff does make it a heavier car seat but at 10 lbs, it's the same weight as the Uppababy Mesa that doesn't offer the same side impact systems or canopy size.

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Speaking of canopies, size does matter.  The Aton Q has one of the largest canopies I've seen on just about any car seat. As a parent, I love large canopies on strollers and car seats as they help provide your child a layer of protection form the elements as well as overly touchy people that love kids.  I just have a thing about strangers touching my kids that freaks me out so, big canopy, "Check" and thank you.

The base of the car seat also has an additional safety feature in the form or a load leg that helps stabilize the platform.

The seat fits nicely into the Cybex Priam for a very elegant and sleek look. This is probably one of my favorite bougie strollers and combined with the Aton Q with it's large canopy, it looks very sharp.

The Aton Q will also turn many other strollers into a travel system with the appropriate adapter.  So you can install this on an Uppababy Vista or Cruz, City Mini/GT and City Mini2/GT2, City Select/Lux, Bugaboo, Stokke and more.

Final thoughts, if you are looking for a car seat that as a large canopy and added safety features and don't mind a heavier seat that adapts to many strollers, then this a great option.