In 2019, Baby Jogger updated its venerable City Mini and City Mini GT to the City Mini 2 and City Mini GT 2.  Both still feature the easy to use, one handed close system that made the originals such popular strollers.

City Mini GT2, baby jogger

The new versions are slightly larger stroller and feel even more durable with better quality materials.  They offer now access to the basket from the front which is nice and convent.   The flap can be propped up to provide a larger surface for when the kiddos fall asleep after a long day of, well whatever.

Speaking of baskets, they still aren't huge but they are adequate though you won't be storing tons of stuff, so get  your mommy hooks! The differences between the City Mini 2 and City Mini GT 2 are basically the same as before.  The GT 2 sports the locking flip braking system as before whereas the City Mini has the lock on the axle.  The GT 2 still has the adjustable handle bar and air filled all terrain tires with improved suspension.

New for the GT 2 is that the peek-a-boo windows are now magnetized where the City Mini still uses Velcro.

peekaboo, city mini gt2, baby jogger

The City Mini GT 2 comes in at about 21lbs and the City Min comes in mere 17.5 lbs.  Compared to the Curz V2 that now weighs a whopping 25.5lbs.

As before, you have to ability to add a variety of infant car seats to the stroller with the corresponding adapter, like those from Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Nuna, Britax and more. Or you can get it as a travel system that comes with the City Go 2 infant car seat.

There is also the ability to add a snack tray and the gilder board on the back to stroll a larger child to push two kids at once. Or, for when you little one gets big enough to walk on their own and wants easy access on and off the stroller.

Both are still great strollers and would be a great choice for new parents, or just to have  a second stroller for Dad's car or for the grandparents to use.

You can get the strollers in a variety of colors, four color options for the City Mini, Capri (Teal), Sepia (Tan-ish), Slate (Gray) and Jet (Black). There are five color options for the GT 2, Ember (dark red), Carbon (blue-ish gray), Jet (black), Windsor (dark blue), Slate (Gray), and Mystic (blue)

Even though both are easy to use and stroll, I still feel that the GT2 is a better stroller.  Because of the suspension and all terrain tires, the GT2 will accommodate a child up to 65lbs which means you're going to be able to take it more places and use this stroller for a long time.