Cybex Priam

Price: 999.99-1699.99
Full size stroller

The Cybex Priam is a fantastic example of what a versatile high end stroller can be. The Priam is a fantastic full sized, modular stroller that can be purchased with many options to make your bougie stroller stand out even more.

With a starting price of $999.99, you are easily pushing Vista money around but in what I feel is a more fashionable stroller.  With their collaborations with Jeremy Scott and Karolina Korkova, you can exceed $1600 for your child's stroller.

Price aside, the Priam is a nice stroller that is practical for everyday use.  The basket is decent and can hold up to 11lbs and weighs in at about 28lbs, similar weight to a Vista or City Select.  However the seats can accommodate weight up to 50 lbs and in true Cybex fashion, has a extra large canopy that provides UPF 50+ sun protection.

The wheels in the back have been upgraded once again and all versions have these wheels and they are great all terrain wheels that will tackle most environments.  If you live in more frigid areas, you can get skis to replace the front wheels to make it easier to move through the snow.

The Priam folds pretty flat and doesn't take up a lot of space in the trunk of your car as the seats fold over and frame shrinks down pretty small.


  • Fashionable
  • High quality
  • Modular
  • lots of attachments
  • Adapters for different car seats


  • Small basket
  • Price
  • Weight could be an issue for some

Final thoughts:

For a great high-end stroller for a single child or two, if you have to ride on board, the Priam has lots of options and accessories, and is a very elegant way of transporting your children.