Nuna Tavo
  • Type: Single Stroller
  • Price: $399
  • Weight: 24lbs

The Tavo from Nuna is a very nice stroller option for carting around your little one.  The stroller features a nice size canopy that also includes what they call their "Dream Drape"  which is basically a black out curtain for the stroller.  It does provide a nice cozy atmosphere for your child if they are trying to catch a nap, that way they have  plenty of energy when they get home to tear up the house. dream drape, nuna, tavo

The stroller is not modular, meaning you can not remove or position the seat to face you.  It will accept a car seat to become a travel system as long as you like the Nuna Pippa car seat, as those are the only seats that will click in.  Thankfully though no adapters, you can just click the seat in and go.

At 24lbs it's not the lightest stroller but it does put it squarely in position to compete with the Uppababy Cruz weight wise, but not the same bougie price tag.  At $399, it's still a pricey stroller being that if you needed a car seat to make it a travel system you're pushing close to $800.

The Tavo sports a decent sized basket that easily accommodated our large diaper bag and still had a little left over.  The size of the basket to me seems to be around the same size as the City Select stroller.  The Tavo also has a very nice suspension system with springs built into each wheel that does a pretty decent job of absorbing the bumps we came across during our test.

The seat materials are soft and clean easy and has plenty of air flow through the mesh peek-a-boo window and mesh back window.  There is also an adjustable calf support that will help support your child's legs while they sleep. The handle is vegan leather/leatherette and is soft to the touch but should be more durable over time.

The Tavo also closes and opens easily with one hand but you'll need both hands to pick it up to put in the trunk. Overall, we liked the Tavo, it strolls nicely thanks to the suspension as well as looks nice to.  My only drawback is the lack of compatibility with other car seat manufactures.  It would be nice to see compatibility with other seats like Cybex, Britax or Peg.