Uppababy G-Link2
  • Type: Lightweight Double Stroller; double stroller, umbrella stroller
  • Price $349.99
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • From 3months to 55lbs

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The Uppababy G-Link2 is the updated version of their lightweight double umbrella stroller.  The build quality and attention to detail you'd expect from Uppababy stays consistent through all their stroller offerings and this stroller does not disappoint.

There are two  great color choices, Jake which is all black, black frame and seats and Jordan, which gives you the aluminum frame and gray and white seating.

The stroller does fit children of different sizes very well, we used it with our 3 and 5 year old and had no issues getting around. The stroller is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways without issue. This is a big deal considering that even with some standard tandem double strollers you might find it challenging to negotiate getting in and out of a non-automated door.

Even though I'm normally not a fan of umbrella strollers as they tend to be cumbersome, hard to fold, and uncomfortable for the kiddos, the G-link2 seems to excel at most things that umbrellas get wrong and does them well.

Like folding, if you've used an umbrella stroller in the past you know that folding them leaves something to be desired. However; with the G-Link2, the fold is extremely easy.  Press a button, pull handle and you're done. Unlike traditional umbrellas where it's some bizarre combination of kicking, stepping, kicking, folding and screaming AAHHH!!!  The stroller does fold down small enough to fit into most vehicles though it is still pretty tall when folded, it's an umbrella stroller, what are ya gonna do? Want something smaller? Go get a Minu.

The G-link2 also features seats with independent reclines that make it easy to pick the comfort level your child needs. It also has large canopies that each have extendable sun-shields for extra protection from the scorching Florida summer days we have here.

The basket is decent sized and can hold up to 10lbs of whatever it is you find necessary to put under there, Kindles, iPads, small backpacks, snacks or drinks, there's room for it.

The only real downside we've found using the G-Link2 is that it can sometimes be a little hard to open since there are locks on both sides of the stroller and might be awkward for some at first . However; having seats side-by-side keeps siblings from fighting as much and both seats are the same size as apposed to Vista so there's more room to grow.

Overall this is a very nice high-end, lightweight double that will tackle most terrain and easy folding to make loading/unloading a quick process. Now if only the kids would buckle up as quickly! HA!